Surveillance System Video Extraction Service

Because of the great need in the law enforcement and legal communities, Advanced Media proudly offers a new service: Surveillance System Video Extraction.

Today security cameras are everywhere. They are affordable and numerous. They are not only a great deterrent to criminal activity but a reliable resource for attorneys and police when gathering and securing evidence that can make or break a case. Unfortunately. the knowledge of how these surveillance systems work and how to extract vital information for use as evidence is much harder to come by.

Consider a robbery or an accident has taken place in the early morning hours. No witnesses were around but the local gas station has a camera that runs 24/7 and should have footage of the incident. Often times, the owner does not know how to offload the video footage. Maybe he/she is injured or worse and unable or unwilling to extract the footage upon request. Regardless, the clock is ticking. Many systems dump backlogged security footage on a timed basis and without firsthand knowledge of that system, your evidence could be set for deletion and lost before it can be analyzed and utilized in an investigation. As a responsible officer of the court tasked with determining the truth, what can you do to ensure this does not happen?

Just call Advanced Media. Our expert will arrive on scene and extract the video from any digital surveillance system in a timely fashion. We offload, check, and backup the footage on site to insure a successful extraction. We can then convert the video footage to any file type and or DVD for delivery to proper authorities within 1 business day.

Surveillance Footage Enhancement Services

For Law Firms we also offer Surveillance Footage Enhancement Services. We consult with the attorney to determine their needs based on the case. Then we utilize our post production expertise to highlight, clarify and whenever possible improve the viewing quality of the extracted video. The finished product can be delivered in any file format requested or as a DVD.